My good friend Emily got wed on Saturday. I did the flowers and I didn’t take a picture. Not one. Her sister was not only the bridesmaid but also the photographer so I’m relying on her. The theme was yellow and blue with a little red and yes, I got the yellow tree peonies in there and some flaming parrot tulips.

And some Carnival de Nice tulips too.

For the first time ever, I was ready on time. I had to wander around my parents house in my dress (unable to sit down for fear of creasing it) for  nearly an hour. For anyone who knows me, they’ll think this is something of a miracle. I even had time to pin yellow ranunculus in my hair.

Emily was radiant, heavily pregnant and still managed to hitch up her dress and dance.

This post is tulip heavy… I know, I’ve been banging on about them for what seems like months, but this is where tulip season gets interesting. Some varieties are appearing at the market less and less but my beloved parrots are at their best.

The most Mapplethorpe of all the tulips.

Today I had to speak to a man from the radio. He talked very fast and I felt a little on the spot. I talked about brides and their love of jam jars. I tried to explain why following traditional flower arranging guidelines isn’t really my thing, and why it’s OK to ignore triangles and 3s, 5s and 7s. He said he liked order and symmetry. But he did think the flaming parrots were camp and fabulous.

You can’t have everything.