Meet Beth.

Beth and I became friends a long time ago. Above, you see her seconds after marrying Hal. Hal is an old school friend but I met Beth independently before they even met. In fact, now that I think about it, I may have even accidentally crashed their first date at The Forth along with some friends.

I arranged their wedding flowers and they did almost everything else themselves. The attention to detail was incredible. “Beth” I said, “you could plan weddings”.  And then we joked about it. We joked that we would start an events business called Fringe Events since we both have fringes. And then we got serious. And then came Blume.

I specialise in the botanical dressing of weddings and events but more and more, I see the flowers as part of a whole that should be complemented by the other details. It feels like a natural progression for Beth and I to concentrate on those details as well as the flowering… and we love details.

Team Wildflower / Blume collaborated last week with another friend, Anna of the Cook House. The Cook House is a beautifully finished shipping container in the Ouseburn where Anna will cook you breakfast or lunch through the week and where she can hold her supper clubs and events. She has put an enormous amount of effort and thought into this beautiful venture so it was a pleasure to style her launch event. We invited along the super-talented Garrod Kirkwood to photograph the fruits of our labours whilst Anna served up cocktails and prepared for her guests.

Blume website coming soon…