I have heard this song (the video is killing me) twice this week. A treat. Once whilst waiting at the checkout in Morrisons and once at Joel and Emily’s wedding. Joel and Emily know how to throw a party. How many weddings feature the bride, groom, best man and maid of honour all having an allotted time-slot for playing records and end in a Karaoke after-party? (Which I missed due to flowering another wedding…)

The flowers were organised with a bank transfer and a few emails saying “we would like something botanical, greens and whites would look good in the room, do whatever you think is best” - something along those lines.

The emphasis was on plants and green. Emily wore white, a birdcage veil and carried a posy of succulents, seedheads, peonies, echinacea and hydrangea. There were fern tendrils and a few looped strands of Hearts on a string (Ceropegia linearis) which seemed appropriate for a wedding.

Tables were dressed with terraniums, ferns, succulents, spanish moss and lotus seed heads. It was a happy coincidence that the venue came with grass green velveteen chairs that matched the Maidenhair Ferns perfectly. The top table was draped with Hearts on Strings.

The following day the newlyweds gave all the plants to guests as they said their goodbyes and then headed off to a tiny Scottish Isle to honeymoon. I like the idea of their wedding plants living on in the homes of their friends and family. May they look after them well.

I am filling the house with plants: Devil’s Ivy, Dumb Cane, Bird’s Nest Fern and scented geraniums. Paddy walks through rooms looking confused as more plants appear day by day.

But I’m all about the weddings at the moment. That’s how I’m spending my weekends.