In a continuation of my last post I am currently enjoying the final hours of some coral coloured peonies on my bench. Work is still unrelenting but having my personal life in one house rather than shared between two is helping. I nearly cried with happiness when the broadband was installed on Friday.

This weekend’s wedding was boxed up and sent down to London for Saturday. The boxing process was so laborious and strangely time-consuming that I only managed a couple of snaps as table arrangements, mantle arrangements and six metres of garland along with the bouquets and buttonholes started to creep into every last space in the studio.

The jasmine and passion flower vines were the stars of the show for me this weekend. And clematis as always.

Having waved off the wedding flowers by 6.30am I was left with the opportunity to catch up on fringe maintenance which by a happy coincidence led me to a little antique shop. I left with two beautiful brass rose bowls and a pre-war brass cup. I could have left with a lot more.