Most mornings I drive from Newcastle, over the bridge, to the flower market. I drive under a grey concrete pedestrian bridge where someone has spray painted DAY IN DAY OUT. I find this pretty funny. But at the moment there are some exciting things happening. Beth and I (with help from the menfolk) had a Blume job. 

I love working with Beth. I suppose that from habit and my own control freakery, I work very well and quite serenely, alone. But working with a little team makes it a little less like work. It helped that our client, Claudia, was incredibly trusting, good fun and up for a party.

After a few weeks break from weddings, I got back in the game with the wintery (but not Christmassy) wedding of Nicola and John. Nicola carried yellow ilex, myrtle, craspedia, ranunculus and rosehips. And she wore a flower headdress of myrtle, waxflower and roses.

Since we’re now in December I think it’s fair to start thinking about Christmas. There will be wreaths, table arrangements and Charlie Brown trees all in due course.

And there have been sunsets. Sometimes I release the hound on the moor in complete darkness on the way home and cross my fingers that he’ll come back but more often, I wander with him, through the fields at Vallum and around the pond. Sometimes we get lucky and it looks like this.