Today I had written a vaguely angry blog ranting about the downside of self-employment and being at the mercy of ruthless “service providers” of one kind or another. I was simultaneously looking online to see if I could find the items requested by Prince for his dressing room (more on this later) and my laptop crashed and the post was lost forever. Probably for the best.

Instead I bring you lilies.

I find myself using lilies less and less. These came back from an office and are now filling the studio with the headiest and most incredible scent you can imagine. It’s the first time I’ve had lilies around for a long time and my love for them has been rekindled. I like the insanely overpowering scent of lilies and I like the rusty stamens that stain clothes. Not everyone does apparently. They’re funeral flowers, I’m allergic to the smell, they’ll kill the cat, they’ll make a mess, they give me a headache… and so forth.

I had been defending lilies in my head, saying - I bet Prince loves lilies - he’s sitting naked in a giant lily (or at least next to one) on the cover of the Lovesexy album, I bet he orders hundreds of them for his dressing room when he’s on tour… but then the computer crashed. And I couldn’t find the details of his backstage floral demands anyway.

If I were famous I would demand orange ranunculus, forget-me-nots and vases of yellow forsythia (this week anyway).