It’s October now. The wedding season is coming to an end with some interesting work and a lot of viburnum. The early mornings persist and the dog and I find ourselves tripping out of the front door it’s so dark now. I was making buttonholes when I took this from the studio. Note that the moon is still in the sky.

I rarely buy flowers for myself these days, preferring to make do with leftovers or garden clippings but when it comes to Physalis I am weak. The pumpkin coloured Chinese lanterns are at their best this week, I’ve never seen them so orange.

They’ll dry out, fade and cease to be upright and uniform, instead becoming spidery and unruly but they’ll look beautiful with the intense yellow of the dried achillea I have waiting in the studio. Flowers that dry are preferable for home in busy times. I may advise customers to snip stems, change water regularly, use flower food etc but I can’t be said to practice what I preach. When it comes to flower care, do as I say, not as I do. I put them in water and then leave them until compelled by visitors arriving / detritus around the vase, to bin them. Mottled autumn hydrangea is another good one for drying in the vase. Past experience has taught me not to leave them too long, thereby avoiding your home resembling that of Miss Havisham. Nobody finds that charming.