A whole season has passed since I last wrote here. Sometimes there isn’t time, sometimes I don’t have the inclination but it struck me that the ranunculus will soon be gone and a new phase will be starting. The last few months have been full of hellebores, spiraea, anemones, fritillaries and of course, ranunculus.

Ami married Sean in January. I’m not going to lie. Brides like pink. A lot. I actually like pink but when a bride says - NO PINK - my ears prick up. When she says, dark colours, my teenage goth self quietly celebrates inside me.

When Ami came to talk about flowers, we ended up talking about everything: work, weddings, the infantilisation of brides in the wedding industry and more. I said “I should write a blog about it.”

Some years ago I read The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. Unfortunately for those around me, it gave me sufficient (limited) knowledge to start practicing my cod psychology skills on anyone who would cooperate. I enthusiastically developed theories on people I knew and wondered where on the scale my friends were. Ami has real psychology knowledge which obviously delighted me. She enlightened me on some interesting theories about female regression and marriage. I suggested she take a sabbatical from her job and gained some floristry skills whilst bringing me up to speed on psychotherapy. At the very least we will stay in touch. I felt slightly bereft once the wedding was over.