There have been some late night shifts up at the studio lately but the longer days and this sudden heat wave have made them bearable. Over the last couple of weeks the field outside my door has gradually become a more and more vivid shade of gold and I can watch the sun move across it throughout the evening.

Remy has been bored to say the least and has made no attempt to hide it. Being half whippet he is naturally lazy and will gladly sleep for eighteen hours a day but even he has limits and becomes restless.

He goes upstairs and starts to tear up cardboard boxes, dried flowers, paper, feathers, and I know then that it’s time to finish up for the night.

This weekend was the wedding of Sunil and Hannah - some fairly new friends and as it turns out, the perfect customers. They both work in the field of medicine so I don’t need to tell you that they’re busy people. It was a last-minute booking but the brief was “colourful, English, summery". This was music to my ears and meant I could just handpick stock from the market over a day or two and not be tied to any colours or flowers.

The two things I ordered were purple and white sweet peas and a few black dahlias which next to the iridescent blue of the English delphiniums reminded me of black tulips and forget-me-nots entwined together in my parent’s garden. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite colour combinations.

I wish I had made it to the wedding but that’s wedding season for a florist I’m afraid. I turn up tired or I don’t turn up at all.