Lately and in no particular order.

I have been an uncommitted diary- keeper all my life. Some times are better documented than others. I used to love writing here but then I grew concerned that potential clients waiting for paperwork would be irritated that I had time for this and not for their proposal. The heart of the matter is that I am better at flowers when I also have a little time to think about other things (which are usually loosely flower related anyway).

Social media, lack of reading, lack of travel, lack of experiences beyond work. It’s a surefire way to make you want to throw a stick of dynamite backwards over your shoulder at your business as you walk out on a Friday night.

Ultimately I suppose this is what I love and hate about it all. That I have the control. Paddy has to continually remind me that I’m in charge so why don’t I change the the way that I do things. And learn to say no.

A lot has already changed over the last few months. The plant side of Wildflower has gathered momentum. My assertion that houseplants and nostalgia are inextricably linked has been proven completely true.

An early memory of mine is sitting with my brother and cousin in my aunt’s house. It’s the mid eighties. We are watching a VHS copy of Alien (we’re too young). My aunt has a knitting machine in the corner and there is a Swiss cheese plant in the room. Around the same time my mother had pots of geraniums and cacti in the sun porch of our home. I distinctly remember their scent and crushing the brown fallen leaves between my fingers.

A woman came in a few weeks ago. She’d had a dream the previous week about the cheese plant her mother owned and how the pet rabbit used to scale the plant and chew the leaves. Good associations you see. She bought one.

I am enjoying opening at the weekend. People come in and chat about plants,  gardens, music, where to eat, good places to stay in Cornwall, The Handmaid’s Tale, lots of interesting things. Sometimes people walk in and announce “JUST LOOKING. I’M NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING”. This really cracks me up. Shop life.