This week Paddy and I received a beautiful smoked glass vase as a housewarming present. Jen said, “we were going to buy you a plant. But we realised you could probably have any plant you wanted”. So a vase it was. A perfect present for a florist who will undoubtedly own hundreds of vases but will see them all in the context of work. This one will never see the studio or a wedding venue and this is what will make it special. It will become home to the weekend leftovers and clippings from the garden.

The smoked glass reminded me of the roses from this weekend’s wedding. “Quicksand” makes my heart stop for two reasons; one, it is the most beautiful and indescribable colour - smoke, parchment, putty, nude? And two, the price tag.

I almost watched the roses and peonies open it was so warm, even in my usually-cool studio. And on the day, the flowers couldn’t have been any more fully blown. It’s just catching that short period towards the end of a flower’s life, where it reaches the pinnacle of it’s beauty as if in a Dutch master’s painting.