May was a busy month so there was no posting here. But this is a taste of what went on. The ranunculus were incredible and are only now, starting to diminish in size and availability.There were London brides, violet-haired brides, second-time brides and brides that I never even met. Just brief email correspondences and vague preferences noted. 

Remy was struck down by a minor ear infection and took to (our) bed for the second half of the month and still silently vanishes from sight if I pick up the tiny bottle of ear drops. For two weeks he crept around the house looking forlorn and favouring Paddy (who did not administer the ear drops as regularly as I did).

This book has also come to my attention. It is utterly heart-wrenching and if, like me, you have spent the better part of your life loving The Smiths, you will definitely get it.