There are weeks when one element is missing. This is not one of them. An impossible collision of peonies, ranunculus, clematis and spiraea was something of a thrill. As was discovering that this person likes the blog. By complete coincidence the previous day my ipod had wiped all my music and as I reloaded it, I was caught up listening to Arthur Russell. And then the strange world of mutual friends and the internet delivered the message. I love and hate the internet in equal measure but as my dad said, fifty years ago you would have had to live in the same street to find out that anyone cared about what you do. Paddy spent the evening wandering around the house singing along to one of his favourite songs.

There was a wedding on the Northumbrian coast - and luckily for the bride, she was marrying the brother of Rachel Rose - so we all know that the snaps will be a bit special.

Paddy and I are celebrating two years together and although we don’t remember the date, we know it’s around now. So I’m not working, the sun is shining and I’m drinking cider and eating stuffed vine leaves.