After the penultimate big wedding weekend of the year, I dropped off my account flowers early on Monday morning and we were at the airport by 10am. We arrived to Fuimicino early evening and took a cab all the way into the city from the coast. Our last trip to Italy was to Venice where after 9.30pm, everyone vanishes back to the mainland. Rome is completely different. The bars and restaurants were still bustling until late. Other observations -

The Spritz here is as good as the Venetian Spritz.

It is near impossible to have a bad meal.

Almost everyone with glasses wears good glasses.

There are a lot of women with great short hair.

Plants ruled.

The Romans (as with most of continental Europe) have a way with plants: Bengal Figs in huge planters, balconies heavy with trailers, sprawling agaves on doorsteps and green aeoniums spilling out of decrepit pots. Plants which we treat as house plants flourish outdoors in Rome.


After many childhood holidays spent dragging my feet looking around churches I have made peace with it. Particularly in Rome where they contain a lot of beautiful marble, alabaster, terrazzo and gold which made me consider a new kitchen. It would be like the antithesis of Kinfolk. Think Cy Twombly and 1980s Versace. Paddy possibly wouldn’t be 100% on board with it.