Lately my tastebuds have changed. Is this something that happens as you get older? I used to love strong tea. Cups and cups of it. Yorkshire tea was my brew of choice but a few months ago I lost the taste for it completely. I started drinking darjeeling, earl grey, afternoon tea, even lapsang souchong. I’d settled on darjeeling but then Louise got married. This was a real country wedding: local church, parish hall and lots of peonies. Her table names were Fortnum & Mason teas and that is where Russian Caravan caught my eye. I finished a long day of flowering with a £30.00 online tea shopping trip. I’ve justified this to myself thus: I drink gallons of tea so it may as well be the best. If it’s good enough for the Tsars, it’s good enough for me. And I like the packaging.

Kara married today, the brief was relaxed so I got to use some of the flowers I love the most. Burgundy panics some brides, they think it’ll be too dark, too strong. But it can actually make the other colours look electric. The curve of the lysmachia flower and scabious stems topped it off for me.