Today was summer solstice and the day that Annabel married John. She carried a posy of peonies, clematis, nepeta, jasmine and David Austin Roses among other things and she wore the most delicate jasmine and ivy headdress.

It was a small and early affair (“so we can get it out of the way and start having fun”) and the groom chatted to his future bride as she had her hair styled. I liked the informality of it.

As promised, my studio has been transformed and black bag after black bag has left the premises. It felt so liberating. Rather than navigating around bins, tables, crates of flowers, trays of plants and boxes of dusty dried hydrangea heads, I now have SPACE. A huge empty space that I can fill with flowers on wedding days. And my work bench looks out over the fields and the roman road.

It’s important to keep changing and keep moving. I grew up in a house where the layout was altered on a near monthly basis. It always seemed to happen on a Friday. I’d get home from school to find furniture moved, rugs disappeared and pictures replaced. I absolutely see the merit in this behaviour now. It’s the luxury of feeling that you have a shiny new space and that you’re once again in control of the, well… stuff. And in a few months no doubt I’ll be ready for change again.