Last year I lost momentum. Not in terms of working with flowers but perhaps in terms of talking about it. Or writing about it. My enthusiasm hadn’t waned but maybe it was just social media fatigue which stopped me from sharing more. I still have those moments of wanting to throw my laptop and phone out of the window of a moving car. But not today.

So I scrolled through the last six months worth of photographs and was surprised to see so many personal pictures: visits to Cornwall, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the Hepworth Gallery, a weekend with friends in Sheffield, lots of sunsets and big skies interspersed with a few flower shots. It turns out flowers are infinitely more beautiful when you can step back and appreciate them from a different viewpoint. By that, I mean a viewpoint far away from the sink where I wash vases or from the hashtags I’ve come to use.

Spring (my favourite season in floral terms) is around the corner so my guess is that normal botanical overload will resume in the following post.