Thanks for your patience.

You could be mistaken for thinking that this is my company tagline if you’re in email correspondence with me. I write this in around 90% of my emails. That’s because I’m drowning. I sometimes fantasize about stamping on my laptop or throwing my phone into a river. Admin is not really my strong point. I like the flower bit of the business. I don’t like organising waste collection with the council, tax returns, bookkeeping or fending off people trying to sell me things I don’t need. I do like looking for new varieties of rose I haven’t seen before, planting up the garden, making stuff and reading about plants and flowers.

I just suggested to Paddy that we move somewhere remote and off-grid, where I can have a large greenhouse to sit in and there are no phone lines or internet.

Modern technology sometimes confuses things so much. But who am I kidding. I would miss instagram.

And I would miss the wedding work too I think.

Angela & David chose blue. An inky, navy, true blue. We agreed this would look best in a burnished gold container. It was wishful thinking that I would find beautiful burnished gold pots at the local wholesaler so I ended up using my little collection of bronze bits and pieces.



Natalie and Mark also wed. I loved the matte green of the succulents and eucalyptus.

Now I feel guilty. I’m off to write some emails.