Monday morning 8.00am. Florist delivers weekly flowers to office building.

Florist: (Carrying large vase of unusual eucalyptus robusta and orchids into reception of large city building) Good morning.

Man on desk: I hope you’re taking those lilies away love, they smell terrible. I’ve been suffering all week thanks to those. Ugh, terrible they were!

Florist: Those are unscented lilies. They have no fragrance. What you can smell is air freshener and bleach. Maybe you could talk to the cleaning staff.

Man on desk: (Grimaces)

Florist: I never give you scented lilies because someone always complains about the smell.

Man on desk: (Indignant) Who’s complaining??!! I’m not complaining, no complaints here.

Florist: I thought you were. Sorry.

Man on desk: Well what have we got today? Ugh, those are terrible! I don’t like those at all! They look like they’ve been battered or something, hanging all over the place. They’re not nearly as nice as the lilies.

Florist: Thanks. (Mentally picks up the heavy vase, tips contents onto head of man and throws the vase through the glass front of the building).

The lessons: You can’t please everyone, all the time. Don’t take it personally.

Thankfully these moments are few and far between and the last month has been an avalanche of solid wedding work spanning from sweet peas to dahlias.

The “big” wedding was a joy. Paddy and Beth were onsite for the Blume lighting installation. We all agreed that after a few “challenges”, it was up there with one of the worst days we’d collectively ever had work-wise. But let’s not dwell on that! It all came good in the end.

A group of florists worked day and night to make the floral side of this wedding happen. When Paddy and I arrived just after midnight on Saturday morning to start the remainder of my work we were met by Kay and her team still busy in the dining room and the bride pushing hydrangea into a candelabra arrangement. A 36 hour shift was followed by an insanely luxurious but incredibly touching and genuine wedding and a hotel room that I could have moved in to.

In short, I can’t really describe this experience. As photos emerge I will need to dedicate a full post to the biggest job I’ve ever been a part of.

This followed.

The seasons have changed without me really having a spare moment to think about it until this week. Things are starting to calm down, I have a few days off in sight and Paddy has treated me to a weekend in Amsterdam to visit Robyn. I feel like I have survived another summer.