Since returning from Amsterdam I have been getting into the festive spirit. I have purchased candles, ribbons, amaretto, lebkuchen, gluhwein and a lot of wire wreath rings. I’m getting started. Grey and red is my current favourite festive colour combination.

I have access to a lot of hedgerow extras this year thanks to Karen and thanks to all the gales, there are plenty of good windfall branches.

My friend Beth sent me a large flower order last week. All the items were different and had requirements noted to one side, one of which stood out. “No square flowers”. Ha. This really made me laugh and made me think, would it be unprofessional to divulge which flowers I consider “square”. Possibly. The diplomatic thing to say would be “all flowers can be beautiful if you do the right thing with them”. But we all know that isn’t really true because it’s all about personal taste. So, unsquare flowers that I used included brunia, ilex, south african mix bunches (that have a heathery, dry look), orange crabapples and ranunculus. I forgot to take a picture but apparently it passed the test.