I am obsessed with flowers. This is work but I always try to make it as enjoyable as possible for myself as well as clients. Work takes up a large part of my life so I should enjoy it shouldn’t I? Enjoying it involves, to some extent, doing what I want. I know, you pay me to do what you want. And I do. But I like to put a piece of myself into it.

Jo was a relaxed bride and she said “Do what you want. We trust you. There’s no colour scheme, we love all colours.” So Jo basically got the wedding bouquet that I would have made for myself if I was to have married last weekend.

Florists among you may have noticed the presence of red and white flowers. I have always loved the look of dark red and white together. There does exist this whole “blood and bandages” school of thought and there is a generation of nurses who would not thank you for mixing the colours in a bouquet and who consider it bad luck. But honestly, for me, that tiny red spray rose just lifts it and makes the purple clematis look regal.

And thankfully she loved it.